Why I Recommend a Recumbent Tricycle Over a Regular Bicycle

recumbent-vs-upright-art_positionMost people don’t realize a recumbent tricycle is just within reach, thinking that it’s one of the new fads and something totally strange, or maybe made only for the luxurious lifestyle or for travelers who love touring throughout the country. Fact is, this trike has been around for ages, but is most often overlooked due to the popularity of regular bicycles.

The Regular Bicycle

Regular bikes remain the main type of cycling vehicle that’s easily recognized with its commonly perceived upright, traditional style. One of the weaknesses of standard upright bicycles is its safety since it’s unstable at low speeds, especially for people who struggle to achieve the right balance.

The hunched forward position is not recommended for use for the elderly and those with chronic back pain or similar problems. A regular bike still has its good sides, such that when your budget falls short, you get the chance to enjoy cycling by settling for a standard bicycle. It’s also less bulkier, but you also get less benefits. However, it’s still worth it to get the added wheel, and likewise gain all other extra outstanding features and advantages of a recumbent trike.

The Recumbent Tricycle

Recumbent trikes have many things to offer which come with a myriad of advantages to any individual, of any age. You can see here how it is better than the regular bike:


Cyclists who love speed will love this trike. Most recumbent tricycles are built for this feature, and rendered lightweight to perform with excellence. You move way faster on a recumbent trike because of aerodynamics where the seating position allows for wind resistance, and the closer you are to the ground the swifter you go!


Recumbent bikes have a lower center of gravity than regular bikes, while a recumbent trike eliminates the need for balancing yourself while cycling. Some may think that it can be difficult to transport and less practical to carry around, but a narrower model or folding type can address this concern.


The seat design grants superior comfort, which holds various placements of shocks such as the back of the seat, its bottom, or on one or more wheels. After a long ride, you can stand up feeling satisfied and grinning as if you just got up from your favorite couch, instead of having a sore back, sweaty body, and complaining of a saddle sore!

The Experience

Recumbent trikes exhibit optimized state-of-the art style and performance, which lets you discover the extravagance of a luxurious and absolutely enjoyable smooth ride. Opportunity opens its doors to you with tons of new adventures to explore and beautiful memories of a first ever trike experience!

Image Source: adulttricyclespro.com


Recumbent tricycles solve the safety issues presented by other bikes. They provide stability on the road and the rider can easily and quickly halt it to a stop. The possibility of being stolen is relatively low with this type of vehicle, since a thief may not even know how to ride it. It’s also safer on the streets, for who wouldn’t notice a recumbent on the road, and maybe even give you a second admiring look?

There’s no denying that starting, stopping, and steering a recumbent trike is a bit different from a regular bicycle. For the same reasons, you experience something else, a different kind of joy that only you can describe. Just think of a picture that paints a thousand words!