The BUDGET Home Fitness Equipment

There are a myriad of reasons to have your own gym right in your cozy home. Primarily, the main concern is the cost of registering as a regular gym member or investing in home equipment. If you find the best ones around at the best prices, then it’s really not going to be too hard to decide on having a home gym or not. When working out in a designated room in your house, you have all the luxury of comfort of a hygienic and healthier environment and the privacy of your own place. You are entitled to utmost convenience which no other place can provide. There’s just nothing like home sweet home!

If you are constantly running out of time having to commute and finding ways to survive a busy schedule, then going through this course is perfect for you. You become time-efficient for having your very own place to go to as soon as you wake up and anytime you want. It’s cost-efficient with no membership fees to pay for throughout the year, and the many years to come. Your exercise routine will be more focused based on the machines you have picked, and less the distraction of pretty ladies or gorgeous hunks! You can even invite family members and friends over on your home gym and work your way towards achieving your goals together.

You can get fit while your budget stays fit too and remains intact without the cost of steep-priced equipment which can discourage you from setting up one in the first place. Truth is, it doesn’t really matter how much your whole home gym is worth but it really depends on the work you put into it and all the efforts you will exert to get in your best shape! Here are 5 budget fitness products one should have at their “budget home fitness area” for an ultimate and authentic experience:

1. Barbells

Olympic Barbell

Don’t settle for anything less and cheap when it comes to barbells, and it’s best to buy brand new where same goes with any other equipment. Quality barbells are safer and definitely better. It must be strong and can never be bent. Revolving sleeves would be easier for your grip and elicits less weight than fixed bars. You can never go without a promising workout tool which lets you work all your muscle groups – biceps, calves, hamstrings, forearms, traps, back, chest, abdominal, neck, shoulders, and triceps.

2. Dumbbells


If barbells are lain too heavy for you in both budget and weight, then dumbbells would be the best way to train your way up while you get comfortable using weights. You get to choose from a wide variety of dumbbells available today, some people prefer the fixed types which they deem safer and more comfortable.

3. Power Rack


The centerpiece of any home gym that is a mark of the ideal setup and wise financial planning, a good power rack can be acquired at just about $500. It can hold a significantly huge amount of weight which guarantees your safety. Your power rack must exhibit strong pins, have complete accessories including pull-up or chin bars, band pegs, dip attachments, and pulley systems for the ideal home setup.

4. Weight Bench


Greatly helps in losing weight and toning muscles. Weight benches arrive in different types depending on the workout exercises you wish to undertake. A flat bench basically has a straight-up design which isn’t adjustable, but allows you to do dips, bicep curls, and the dumbbell bench press. An adjustable bench is the most popular type arriving in different variations and styles to suit your needs and preferences, letting you use it in a flat or incline position. Other types include the fully loaded olympic bench with different incline settings and comes with complete tools for home fitness use, and the abdominal bench which is ideal for none other than ab workouts.

5. Treadmill


Top of the line treadmills range from $8,000 to $10,000 and may be at the bottom of your list. Then you must know that there are treadmills that are under 1000 dollars yet can give you the freedom of running and all the benefits you can get out of it! You can acquire one with a large powerful motor, roomy running area, high speed settings, and a reliably stable unit. Most importantly, only your body will get slim soon enough and not your wallet. No matter what the weather is, you can do aerobic low-impact exercises right under your roof. You may want to pump up some awesome music to get you moving and all excited to workout!