Dear all, I am sorry to have been absent so long from this blog: almost six days without writing anything, it is the longest period of inactivity of JPFM since its creation. It is unspeakable, unacceptable, unbearable, unbearable (of residence) and intolerable (of rabbit).

In my defense (Heroic) : the final stretch of the podcast “Scuds” my collaboration with the excellent site CultureCie and a night of great sex with Ms. Praloud (there are you?), My baker who has just opened a Shop on the Boul’Mich ‘(gag).

To be forgiven (kebab), I SWEAR OATH drink this blog every day for 30 days. And to begin with, aaadmirez our very first baby: the very first issue of “Scuds: geeks with researches”, lovingly mounted with the force of the wrist by our friend Arnaud, who also officiates in front of the camera with Jérôme and John Plissken who speaks to you .

Scuds, “we hope to see it last as long as possible,” is a hair-raising issue (and goal chui!) Debates between three old geeks on topics of news geek!

We will record the next issue very soon but in the meantime, feel free to post your comments on the website .

On the program of this Scud-there:

  • What is a geek ?
  • The Dark Knight, masterpiece or not?
  • Bare (or not) on Facebook?

Admit that it spins you more cram as a summary than the next Words Crossed with Arlette Chabot, no ???

Go, as Evelyne Dheliat would say, without further delay, place images!