The Prey: track down the film on April 13

Today was the first press screening of La Proie, by Eric Valette. It’s a small bomb. Pre-criticism.

Children, (cc @Boucot), it is time to bliss: The Prey , Eric Valette, a first Parisian press screening was held this afternoon, is a fucking movie. I say: this is not a criticism (it’s a little early), just a mini-post without spoil to modestly draw your attention to the director’s feat. Which moved in person just now to, before the lights go off, warn us that this was a working copy with an unfinished mix. I had never seen in real life, Eric Valet you and I did not see it like that at all, I tell you! A little jolly guy, skull full, all smile and kind “good buddy,” while I thought oddly the idea of ​​a guy rather cerebral. But let us pass. The Prey therefore tells how the robber Franck Adrien (Dupontel) escapes from prison to desperately try to find a serial killer who attacked his family and always short in nature, putting his own crimes on behalf of Franck .

After Maleficent and a matter of state , the maverick Valletta has signed a new exploit, then, and  Havre revives the spirit of the best series B action carried cash fund, violent and without embellishment as well The Americans are no longer afraid to offer us. A stunning pursuit of efficiency, launched at the speed of a TGV in full bloom, with its few clumsiness certainly but never derailed and swings you in full face a succession of scenes of dantesque cavalry and gunfights, framed and mounted as In a McTiernan of the great epoch. I am excited a little, but the enthusiasm is to the extent of the panard caught during the screening. With Prey, Eric Valette finally restores dignity to the French action thriller too long stained by the terrible purges of Europa ( District 13 and co, you get the picture …). A film that takes the viewer’s pleasure completely (without confusing it with “putasserie”) and screens his hectic narrative of a burst of characters soberly written (again, one is in the series B, not in Téchiné) and all impeccably interpreted. Everyone!

Criticism in more detail it will be for later, then, but a last message: if you want the French genre cinema has a future and confirms the recently initiated trend by Point Blank of Cavayé, enter the date of April 13 your notebooks and GO SEE THIS MOVIE . We will tax me with grandiloquent but never mind: if Havre a hit in theaters, Panurge sheep tricolor production system (which works exactly the same reflexes as the Americans: we copy what worked) then examine (can -be) a little more on real projects both “in your face” and finished like this one. If instead Havre crashes, we have lost a golden opportunity to encourage our industry to follow the example of Eric Valette and venturing regularly on the field of action movie with a brain. To all moviegoers who dared not hope for a credible succession to action made in France , almost 10 years after The Nest , I shout support Eric Valette! This guy is our white knight, our Kyle Reese, our savior: with La Proie, he has just given a possible future to French genre cinema, a small bomb completely exportable, credible in each of its cogs and asking only Make “Boum”. A masterpiece, perhaps not, but a decisive film, without dead time and which even manages to shed a tear of humanity in its ambient noise and fury. We’re back!

The Prey, by Eric Valette. Screenplay: Luc Bossi and Laurent Turner. With: Albert Dupontel, Alice Taglioni, Stéphane Debac, Natacha Régnier, Sergi Lopez, Serge Hazanavicius, Zinedine Soualem, Caterina Murino. 1:40. Released April 13th.