It’s that has Thor? First part

The aminches, the hour is serious and lightning zebra my blog to the bottom of the Walhalla … Thor, the god of thunder, found his interpreter for the future film adaptation that Marvel Studios us: it is nothing less That of John Plissken himself, famous blogger geek of the place of Paris, famous for the fineness of his pen and … ok good … I stop being heavy.

The lucky winner is thus called Chris Hemsworth . The name probably tells you nothing, but if you’ve seen Star Trek movie (argh, Lestat hated and informed on his excellent blog ), you may remember his face: Hemsworth played the father of Kirk, George, Who would die heroically at the beginning of the film aboard the USS Kelvin, it was him.

Virtually unknown in the Northern Hemisphere, the friend Chris, 25, is a star in Australia for the role he held since 171 episodes in the series “Home and Away” (which began late Heath Ledger).

It’s this damn blogger of Nikki Finke who released the scoop first , even before Marvel publishes a statement on the issue, say so! (To be read with the accent of Bourvil). Good personal, I see more in the role of Thor’s friend Charlie Hunnam aka Jax Taylor in burnĂ©e series Sons of Anarchy , which was on the short list to comb the famous winged helmet. Never mind !

I recall that Thor , the film is scheduled for US release on 20 May 2011 and will be directed by Kenneth Branagh . The insurance of a blockbuster all in shades, so … But hay of evil spirit and wish, to make fast, that the film Thor kills. Ha ha.